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December 12, 2011


Faculty grants awarded in Blended Learning


  1. ACS Summer Teaching and Learning Workshop
  2. Faculty Grants Available for Blended Teaching and Learning Project
  3. Latin American Symposium Call for Papers


Faculty Grants Awarded in Blended Learning

The consortium recently announced  the following awards given for six separate projects involving the use of blended learning – all new and experimental projects designed to test the efficacy of using computer-mediated instruction along with the close interpersonal faculty role that distinguishes the ACS institutions.  The grants were provided after they were given thorough review by a committee of ACS academic deans.  Information on these individual projects may be obtained by contacting the faculty leaders or Christiane Williams at the ACS office at

    KatieAnn  Skogsberg (Centre) and Dennis Ugolini (Trinity)
    Project Title: Training ACS Undergraduates in the Responsible Conduct of Research

     Jonathan King (Trinity), Mary Miller (Rhodes), Pamela Hanson (Birmingham-Southern) and Renee Chosed (Furman)
    Project Title: Gen- Ed.- Cancer Biology Learning Module Development for ACS Institutions

     Li Wei (Rollins) and Jay McDaniel (Hendrix)
    Project Title: Collaborative Online Teaching Module for Music and Religion Courses

    Tim Chartier (Davidson), with interest from Birmingham-Southern, Centre, Furman, Rhodes and Spelman
    Project Title: Exploring Applications of Linear Algebra

    Mike Winiski (Furman) and Jeremy Donald (Trinity)
    Project Title: Blended Learning - A Design-Based Approach (GIS)

    David Wright (Furman) and Joe Essid (University of Richmond)
    Project Title: Beyond the (Online) Handbook: Writing Resources Designed for the Digital Environment

The deadline for the next round of grants is February  1, 2012.  Information on applications and guidelines is on the ACS website at:


1.    ACS Summer Teaching and Learning Workshop

ACS will hold  its 20th Summer Teaching and Learning Workshop on June 4-9, 2012 at Trinity University.  For further information, please contact the director of the program, Dr. Barbara Lom at This is an intensive experience in microteaching which has had an extremely beneficial impact on hundreds of ACS faculty over the years.  If interested in attending, please contact your academic dean.  Information on the program may be found at .  The deans nominate faculty for this special opportunity.

2.     Faculty Grants Available for Blended Teaching and Learning Pilot Projects

 A limited number of small grants (up to $2,000 each) are available from the consortium for pilot projects related to blended teaching and learning. The consortium invites faculty from ACS institutions to submit a proposal (no more than three pages) that includes the key faculty member, the nature of the project, the project goals, the timeline, the cooperating faculty and institutions, and the means by which the project will be as­sessed. The project needs to be a collaborative effort across ACS campus­es. An endorsement from the academic deans should also be provided.

The overall aim of the projects is to enable faculty to explore, design, develop or enhance courses, modules, webinars and/or tutorials for use in blended teaching and learning environments (a combination of face-to-face instruction and computer-mediated instruction) that will be open to students across the ACS campuses. Interested faculty should send a proposal to no later than February 1, 2012. A review committee will analyze the proposals and respond promptly to the faculty.

Questions about the project may be answered by contacting Christiane Williams at  More information on the proposal may be found at

2.    Latin American Symposium April 20-21, 2012  Call for Papers - An invitation from Birmingham-Southern

Please plan to celebrate Birmingham-Southern's 20th Annual Latin American Studies Symposium and encourage undergraduate students to present a paper on any topic related to the Americas. Since 1992, Birmingham-Southern College has been proud to host students and faculty from institutions in the Southeast and beyond.  Over the years, hundreds of undergraduate students have met with their peers from as many as 30 different Latin American Studies programs to engage in an exchange of ideas and present their research to an audience beyond their own classrooms or institutions.  For many students this conference helped paved the way for future professional endeavors in many different fields related to Latin America.

To commemorate two decades of outstanding undergraduate scholarship, we are fortunate to have the Symposium’s founder, Dr. Gama Perruci, as our keynote speaker. A native of Brazil, Dr. Gama Perruci has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Florida and a master’s in international journalism (M.I.J.) from Baylor University in Texas. Aside from his research and administrative duties as Interim Provost, Dean of the Faculty, and Dean of the McDonough Leadership Center at Marietta College, Ohio, Dr. Perruci also serves as a consultant to many colleges and corporations.  He also serves as the Interim Chair of the International Leadership Association, Inc. (ILA) Board of Directors.

The presentations are limited to undergraduate students only.  All topics pertaining to Latin America are welcome. The presentations should be approximately 15 minutes in length. We encourage proposals of panels and invite faculty members to serve as panel chairs and discussants.  It is the responsibility of the discussants to ensure that each and every presenter has an equal opportunity to summarize the most important points in his or her paper—and not read the entire paper.  Papers in English, Spanish and Portuguese will be considered.  Please send panel/paper proposals to the address below or submit online.

The Deadline for Proposals is February 10, 2012.

Proposals may be submitted by mail or online:
By Mail:
Dr. Barbara Domcekova
Latin American Studies Symposium, Director
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Road, Birmingham, AL 35254
Phone: (205) 226-4975
Fax: (205) 226-3089


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