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This page contains links to further information about long-term ACS programs and other ACS-sponsored activities. Click on a program name for more information.

Collaborative Program in Chinese Studies (2008-2010)
  The Henry Luce Foundation awarded ACS a grant to support the consortium's innovative new collaborative program in Chinese Studies. The grant supported a number of initiatives benefiting ACS students and faculty over a three-year period. Funds enabled ACS to establish a network of ACS faculty, create a clearinghouse of information, and underwrite workshops for faculty and students, bringing each group together to share results of their research and plan for collaboration. The grant supported the exploration of the use of technology in Chinese Studies, with a focus on language and cultural studies.

Cost Containment Initiatives
  Thanks to the generous support of the Lettie Pate Evans and Robert W. Woodruff Foundations, ACS has engaged in six distinct cost-efficiency programs. These programs include academic programs, benchmarking activities and the identification of "best practices" in the business and admissions offices, technology workshops, and joint purchasing.

ACS Joint Purchasing Home Page

Diversity Initiative
  Through this New Dimensions Initiative program, ACS assists its member institutions in identifying and addressing ethnic and racial issues common to our 16 campuses. Various resources and opportunities for conversation and networking are offered for the enrichment of dialogue, personal and professional growth, and networking.

Environmental Programs
  The purpose of this program is to enhance the environmental activities in which ACS institutions are engaged, by fostering collaboration among ACS faculty and staff.
Contact: Elizabeth MacNabb, Director of Environmental Programs

Global Partners
  This program, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, sought to foster collaboration in the area of international programs among three consortia: ACS, the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) and the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA).

Information Fluency
  This program involved library staff, information technology staff and faculty working together to share information about information literacy efforts on ACS campuses, to develop consortial guidelines for information fluency and provide necessary training. The project was completed in 2002.

International Studies
  ACS offers its students a number of joint study abroad programs, in 5 continents. This page contains links to more information about these programs, and application information for students.

New Dimensions Initiative
  In December of 2000, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded ACS a grant to support the consortium's New Dimensions Initiative. This grant enables ACS to address high priority academic and administrative areas as identified by the ACS presidents and chief academic officers. New collaborative projects are being identified and established, and existing projects/programs are receiving additional, much-needed support to extend and solidify their efforts. Programs and projects in this Initiative include Women's Studies, Fine Arts, Diversity, the international coordinating group, undergraduate research, teacher education, administrative benchmarking projects, and institutional research.


The Palladian Alliance Library Project
  An Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded initiative, this project was a 3 year effort to establish a cooperative "electronic library" for ACS institutions, featuring joint access to electronic indexes and periodicals. The project was completed in 1999.

Summer Teaching and Learning Workshop for ACS Faculty
  Rollins College hosts this annual workshop in June, for ACS faculty members who want to strengthen their teaching. It is an intensive, five-day opportunity utilizing micro-teaching experiences, small group discussions, experimentation with new teaching approaches, analysis of issues and challenges of teaching, and the lively sharing of experiences and ideas.
Please click on the link above for information on the current workshop.

Technology Programs
  Thanks to the generosity of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and others, ACS engaged in a number of initiatives relating to teaching with technology and the use of technology to facilitate collaboration among ACS members. These initiatives were:

  • The REALIA Project: REALIA (Rich Electronic Archive for Language Instruction Anywhere) is a searchable digitized media database which provides instructors of modern languages with teaching resources accessible via the Web
  • Sunoikisis: a collaborative program in Classical Studies
  • ACS Archaeology Program: an online archaeology course and summer field school in Turkey
  • Student Software Engineering Program: a competitive summer internship program
  • The Orpheus Alliance: a collaborative program in Music
  • Technology Support Staff workshops and meetings

On January 1, 2006 the ACS Technology Center became a part of the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE). For more information about NITLE, upcoming programs and events go to

Tuition Exchange
  Guidelines, timetable and application information for the ACS Tuition Exchange Program.
Contact:, Dara Hawkins, ACS Office Manager

Women's Studies Conference
   The ACS Women's Studies Conference has taken place biannually since 1993, when the first conference was held at Furman University. The encouragement and promotion of Women's/Gender Studies has been a high priority of ACS since its inception.

Carpathian Alliance
  This project, which was completed in 1996, involved the investigation of models for international college and university collaboration. ACS representatives visited universities in the Carpathian region of Europe in October 1996. Representatives from these European universities visited 9 ACS institutions as well as several Georgia public universities in the spring of 1996.



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