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Welcome to ACS International Programs

ACS and its member institutions are dedicated to creating international learning experiences for faculty, students, and staff. In an ever changing and challenging world, students must be prepared to deal with cross-cultural experiences -- whether they occur in the student's backyard or a continent away. Faculty and staff must be adequately prepared to assist in this preparation.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please send a message to with your ideas about expanding our information on international programs.



ACS International Program Directors Wiki

The ACS International Program Directors wiki allows members to share information about International Program staff at member institutions, annual meetings, assessment of study abroad programs, education abroad coursework, and semester abroad programs at member institutions. To access the wiki, visit

Morehouse College

Group of studentsAfrican Renaissance Studies Program
Study Abroad in Ghana and Burkina Faso participants

The Morehouse Pan-African Global Experience (MPAGE) study abroad is offering the African Renaissance Studies Program in Ghana and Burkina Faso. It takes place in both urban and rural Ghana. Participants will visit five cities: Accra, the capital; Cape Coast and Elmina – the locations where the slavers came ashore; Kumasi, the home of the Ashanti in the forest region; and Tamale, in the northern savannah region. Currently one cross-border excursion is planned, into Burkina Faso, the northern neighbor of Ghana. Courses are taught by both Morehouse College faculty and Ghanaian scholars. There is an interdisciplinary focus, and field work is featured rather than relying primarily on classroom instruction. Although specific courses offered vary, courses in African American Studies, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology are available.

Trinity University Summer Programs

Trinity University has developed three summer programs that are open to students from all ACS schools.There is an interdisciplinary study of Sustainability in Mexico, an Internship program in Madrid, and a look at the European Union from an economics and business perspective

Group of students in Mexico listening to a teacher.
The Trinity Summer in Mexico program
offers an interdisciplinary study on sustainability in Mexico from the perspectives of Anthropology, Archaeology, Biology, Communications, Film Studies, Literature and Sociology. Students earn three upper division hours of Spanish credit for “México Contemporaneo,” and three upper division hours in International Studies for “Seminario Interdisciplinario: Sostenibilidad en México.” Completion of two years of college level Spanish or the equivalent is required. For more information and application materials, contact Robert Huesca, Director, International Programs Office at or 210-999-8169.

Students tour the Valle de Caidos (Valley of the Fallen) with instructor Alex Medina in Spain
Madrid Summer Internship Program
: Students earn six-credits. One of the courses will be an international internship with an organization or company in Madrid and the other will be a class about the Spanish economy and the European Union taught by professor Jorge Gonzalez. Interested students must have at least sophomore standing and have completed at least two years (or its equivalent) of college level Spanish. While students must have earned at least six credits in business or economics, this program is open to students from all majors. For more information and application materials, contact Jorge G. Gonzalez, Department of Economics,, 210-999-7224 or Richard M. Burr, Department of Business Administration, or 210-999-7290.

Group photo taken at the Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany
European Union Program
: Students earn three credits on the European Union from a business and economics perspective. Included will be visits to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, the BASF’s headquarters in Germany, the Mercedes Smart Car assembly plant in France, and the SKYPE facility in Luxembourg. Students will also visit the European Court of Justice, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) among other corporations and organizations in ten different cities. Interested students must have at least sophomore standing at the end of the Spring semester and have earned at least six semester credit hours in business and economics. However, this program is open to students of all majors. For more information and application materials, contact Richard M. Burr, Department of Business Administration,, 210-999-7290, or Jorge G. Gonzalez, Department of Economics, jorge.gonzalez@ or 210-999-7224.


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