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ACS-Heilongjiang University Summer Chinese Language and Culture Institute - May 28-July 20, 2012 - Cancelled

Link for Report and comments from student evaluations for the 2011 Summer Program


About Heilongjiang University (

Heilongjiang UniversityHeilongjiang University is located in Harbin, a famous city with beautiful scenery in northeast China. Harbin is also known as the “Moscow of the East” and the “Paris of the Orient”. Its landscape is very beautiful and its architecture has special features. It is cool in summer, and skiing and skating are available in winter. It is especially famous worldwide for the beautiful and wonderful art on display at the ice lantern festival. Therefore, Harbin can be described as an “International Metropolis”. Harbin lies within an area of China where the most standard form of Mandarin (“Putonghua”) is spoken. It is an ideal place to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Heilongjiang University is a key comprehensive university offering a wide range of disciplines including liberal arts, sciences, foreign languages, engineering, management etc. The university covers an area of 1, 910,000 square meters and has a total building area of nearly 1,160,000 square meters. The total enrollment of full time students comes to over 35,000. There are about 5,000 students involved in masters of doctorate courses and there are a further 2000 international students every year. There are a total of 10 faculties’ disciplines: Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Liberal Art, History, Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Management covering 79 specialties. The university has the right to confer bachelor, master and doctor degrees.

Group of Students at graduationSince 1981 over 8,500 international students have studied at Heilongjiang University. They have come from Japan, South Korea, Russia, America, Great Britain, Germany and many other countries. Heilongjiang University is the only center for the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language in Heilongjiang Province. Heilongjiang University is an appointed institution for conducting HSK Chinese Proficiency Examinations. It is also able to admit international students under the Chinese government scholarship program approved by the Department of Education. It is one of the ten universities that support the Chinese language teaching in adjacent countries and the training base of Volunteer Program for International Chinese Teachers. The Confucius Institute in Russia built by Far East National University and Heilongjiang University and the international promotion base for Chinese language in Northeast co-founded by Jilin University, Liaoning University, Yanbian University and Heilongjiang University are the high level platforms for developing international programs concerning Chinese Language.

Heilongjiang University keeps running an open internationalized university,  focuses on the wide range international development and has set up the all-around and multi-level base for international cooperation and exchanges and the promotion of Chinese language. So far, Heilongjiang University has established the friendly relationships with more than 140 universities worldwide and signed the agreements with over 120 universities and research institutes in more than 30 countries.


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